Thursday, 14 February 2013

Date Date Date - discreet married for married dating

Looking for a bit on the side? Looking to get an extra spark back into your sex life? Married but want to have an affair?

I registered at, as I want an affair with more than one woman, in fact I want a woman in every town, as I travel quiet a bit, staying in various places a few days or weeks at a time.

What attracted me to this particular married affair dating site was its strap line, "Discreet Married for Married", and "Date Date Date" inspired me to think about more than one relationship. I am bored in my relationship, lonely in fact, as my partner and i see things different ways and don't get on any more. It wouldn't surprise me if she is looking for an extramarital affair, no big deal.

The site has delivered for me, for sure. I have had seven illicit encounters so far, and I am still seeing three married women for sex. The sex is great; there's no better feeling, to me at least, of being naked with a new woman for the first time. Her smell, her hair, her touch, just drives me crazy. I can't help myself, it's like being a teenager again, and I can go all night with a new partner, which I hadn't managed for years. The thrill of a new affair is just compulsive. Selfish for sure, but what the hell, you only live once. 

These are some of the members on the site, just to give you a flavour. Don't worry if there's no-one near you listed, I searched within a fifty mile radius of each of the towns I was staying in, and was blown away by just how many women are looking for a extramarital adult fling. 

It's a bit shocking at first, until I read a survey that said two-thirds of women would rather not have sex with their husbands. No, because they're all on affair dating sites shagging other blokes!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Out of Town Affairs - Want one? Visit Now!

Married Affair Dating - Illicit Encounters for Out of Town Affairs

Are you a married woman who got bogged down in the humdrum everyday routine? Or are you a handsome man bored with homely relations at home? If you are excited about the idea of extramarital affairs, offers you the ticket to another life, full of permissiveness and intrigue.

Dive into a whirlpool of flirting affairs, fuel your inner fire. Prove to everyone, and most of all to yourself, that you are still in the game! has been developed for people who are not afraid of adultery. If you are an unfaithful wife, this dating website will help you cheat on your husband safely. will also cover the desires of married men who are after some illicit yet alluring encounters. Don't hesitate! Your second chance is just one click away!

For illicit encounters, extramarital affairs, discreet encounters, is one of the best married affair dating sites. The dating site offers some great features, is free to join, and has an introductory offer of a low cost three day trial to get access to some of the more advanced features, like video chat. I have subscribed to, and I will show you all the screens that you see as you first register, for free, then add your profile (some of these you can skip), and then some of the screens you see on the inside. So read on for an insider's view of

This is the first screen you get after entering your minimal details on the home page, which is above: comfirm registration page

Check your emails and you will see an email with this content and an activation link: activation email

Once that is confirmed you get another email confirming that your account is activated and the registration screen changes to this one, which has some basic account set up information for your profile. Choose a screen name so that you stay anonymous, I chose DirtyFlirt:

The next screen gives you teh chance to enter some personal information about height, weight, eye colour etc, but you can skip this - in the top left of the screen, there is an indicator to show how complete your profile is. The more complete, the better chance you have of getting laid.

 The next page is where you upload your photo, or photos:

The next screen is where you enter your chat up line and personal statement - if you need help with this, check out for some advice on completing a great dating profile, flirting and first date tips.

Then, a scary bit, which you can choose to skip - upload a video...!

After that stage (I bottled it, and skipped it!), you're done! It's time to start exploring the site, which I must say I am impressed with. It's very easy to navigate, and these are some of the screenshots:

I liked the look of one of the profiles straight away and checked it out - this lady is hot, I love her skimpy outfit...

I than had a look at the chatrooms, and there was quite a lot of activity for 2pm in the afternoon!

These are some of the ladies who were online - lots to get horny with, I think I'll enjoy this site, it's so easy to meet horny women, who want to fuck, much better than trying to pull in a club or a bar, that's for sure.

I clicked on one of teh profiles, a lady with massive tits that I wouldn't mind a closer lok at, and got the payment page, £2.99 for a three day trial which is great value. I just nee dto time it when I've got three days to get the most out of it, but it does look greta value.

So that's a quick run through of the process to sign up and what you get on the inside with, hope you enjoyed it and you find what you are looking for - I think i will, cheers! I've already had my first intro email with some matches - got to go, got some flirting and fucking to do!


More great married affair dating sites - register with all of them 'cos they are free to join, and see how you go with each one!